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The University of Greenwich Mathematics Society (MathSoc) plays a key role in my department. It organises social events, supports its peers, and is very active on social media (@UoG_MathSoc on Twitter, @greenwichmathsoc on Instagram, and @UoGMathSoc on Facebook ). More generally, MathSoc adds to the sense of community within the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Greenwich and helps deliver a well-rounded student experience for all of its members.

The new MathSoc logo, designed by Shahzeb Raja Noureen

I’ve been working with the current Greenwich MathSoc Executive Committee for just shy of a year and its enthusiasm, dedication, and creativity has been a joy to witness. Last term alone it involved MathSoc in the first ever Black Mathematician Month,  organised an excursion to the Andrew Wiles public lecture (managing to get a selfie with the great man – fair play!), ran our first Christmas Jumper Day (part of the national Christmas Jumper Day for the Save the Children charity), attended several public lectures, completely rebuilt MathSoc’s social media presence, and produced an extra edition of the magazine PrimeTimes. And on top of this the Committee applied for and was awarded a full IMA University Liaison grant.  A really impressive term for MathSoc!!

The latest PrimeTimes discusses some of the events mentioned above and features reviews of other events and lectures that our department has hosted. There are several student reflections on the IMA Business Game; a simulation game designed in collaboration with the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications that we run every year to help promote business awareness. It’s a novel idea and fantastic to see so many of our Year 2 students engage, enjoy, and learn from this experience.

You can read about all of these events in the magazine, which can be found here: PrimeTimesJanuary2018

Those of you who are familiar with PrimeTimes or follow MathSoc on social media may have noticed the change in logo. This is because, on top of everything else, MathSoc ran a competition last term to design a new logo. The panel judged the image you now see on all things MathSoc to be the winner. Congratulations to the designer, Shahzeb Raja Noureen (Year 3 maths student), on his work (it is shown on this page, too) – it will serve us for years to come!