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MathSoc and the latest edition of Prime Times


The University of Greenwich has a very active mathematics society (MathSoc) that is run by and for students of the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Greenwich MathSoc organises social events and activities that include at least a twist of interesting mathematics. It also publishes a termly magazine, Prime Times, that features reviews and information for the maths community here. For the first time we are putting Prime Times online!

The most recent edition was written by the 2016/17 MathSoc committee in the run up to their exams – well done to them on managing their commitments impressively! It can be read here:


The MathSoc committee is elected each year by students of the Department of Mathematical Sciences. The committee for the 2017/18 year officially took over the reins in August and can be followed on Twitter @UoG_MathSoc. The next edition of Prime Times is due for publication next month.

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Introducing the new 2017/2018 MathSoc committee! We have lots of fresh ideas for events in the pipeline so be sure to follow us so that you don't miss out! Your representatives are: • President – Vincent Atigla • Vice president – Nayeem Chowdhury • Treasurer – Billy Burroughs • Secretary – Rawa Shwan • Events manager – Momtaz Ullah • Publicity manager – Quiyi Li • PrimesTimes editor – Robyn Goldsmith • SU representative – Pépèr Shoyemi • Social media co-ordinator – Chloe Roebuck • Video producer – Alex Godbold • Photographer – Tuyen Osborne • Third year representative – Shahzeb Raja Noureen • Academic co-ordinators – Ana Paula Palacios, Tim Reis

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